Who is Alfrena K. Moosa?

Alfrena Moosa attended Norland Middle School Magnet Arts Program from six grade to eighth grade where she noticed her gift and love for art. Alfrena Moosa, a visual artist and life coach based in South Florida has been working with mentally disabled adults and drug/alcohol addicted clients for over ten years. In 2011 she received her bachelors in visual arts and design, later receiving her certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach. During this time, she has taught these individuals how to use art as an outlet and that self-care matters through what she calls Art Ministry. Alfrena specializes in therapeutic art, digital art, live illustrations, painting, art parties, murals and so much more! Alfrena serves the South Florida community in various fashions.

Previously working at a mental health office, Alfrena noticed a problem that many people can’t afford mental healthcare. Alfrena seeks to offer art ministry to underserved communities which can be a life-changing experience for populations such as the homeless, lgbt, young adults and other various indigent communities. The Salvation Army of Fort Lauderdale enjoyed multiple Art Ministry Sessions that offered a safe space for clients and inspired them to create masterpieces and encourage therapy. Her favorite quote that she manifests over everyday is “Let the palm of your hand be the inspiration to your masterpiece”.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I have always been overjoyed with those who have supported me and believed in me over these past years. With great support came obstacles and challenges that I wouldn’t have thought one would have to face. Since I was young, I always heard comments in a crowd “oh she’s the artist” and never knew how to receive those words. When hearing that comment it always confused me because I didn’t know if they were referring to the color of my skin, my gender or because I didn’t dress like your everyday artist, but a little bit more fashionable. There were multiple competitions that I’ve entered and it opened my eyes to believing that you do have to be a certain race, gender or status to receive support or first place. Having an amazing talent won’t just help you reach your goals, but self-care, love, being your number one cheerleader and continually working hard towards your goals everyday will be aligned to the perfect path just for you. In life, I’ve learned to turn your obstacles and challenges into a power story!